As part of our commitment to creating educational opportunities and building trust and understanding between the UK and the Netherlands the British Council Netherlands is setting up an international programme for schools in the UK and the Netherlands. The programme creates opportunities for schools to set up international partnerships and collaboratively work on themes of shared interest. In 2021 we ran a successful schools project on British artist Grayson Perry. In calendar years 2022 and 2023 we hope to offer a programme that focuses specifically on the topic of climate change.

The goal of the programme is to strengthen teachers’ access to resources, skills and networks to embed climate change, sustainability and building a greener future into their English curriculum. Students increase their confidence when speaking English and are encouraged to learn to listen, observe and interpret in a different language. The project will encourage both teachers and students to value different perspectives and to be curious about different cultures. The programme is part of the British Council’s The Climate Connection.

To be able to offer the programme to different types of secondary schools in the Netherlands, there are two different versions to choose from, a fully supported programme and a ‘light’ version of the programme.

1. Fully supported ‘Climate Connection’ programme

With this version of the programme schools will be fully supported by the British Council Netherlands team from start to finish. The programme will be tailormade for the partcipating schools and their situation and will consist of various elements, such as:

- Link with partner school in the UK, where the British Council will set up the initial meeting to get to know each other and discuss the programme.
- Classroom materials; the British Council will provide the school with a tailormade education pack filled with classroom activities.
- Assignment for students; all students involved will receive an assignment which they need to work on with students from their partner school.
- Virtual guest lecture for students on the topic of climate change.
- Closing presentation/event where all students and teachers meet (virtually) to present their projects.

Depending on the school's situation, schools might be eligible to take part in the government subsidy scheme for internationalisation for fundamental education (IFO), which would cover all projects costs of the fully supported programme. If schools cannot apply for this option but might have other ways to fund the project, please get in touch to explore the possibilities.

2. ‘Light’ version of the ‘Climate Connection’ programme

The British Council Netherlands team will provide the schools with a limited set of tools to run a light version of the ‘Climate Connection’ programme. Schools will receive:
- Link with partner school in the UK, where the British Council will provide you with contact details and an introduction message. 
- Classroom materials available via the Climate Connection website.
- Light-touch support when needed.

How to get involved
Download the brochure and get in touch to find out more about the programme.