Following the success of the Grayson Perry Programme for Schools in 2021, the British Council set up an international programme for UK and Dutch secondary schools which is linked to our global programme, The Climate Connection. The programme creates opportunities for Dutch secondary schools to form a partnership with a UK school and work together on the theme of climate change. The first round of the programme started in September 2022. In 2023 we will offer 10 new schools the opportunity to take part in this international programme.

Aims and content

The goal of the programme is to strengthen teachers’ access to resources, skills and networks to embed climate change, sustainability and building a greener future into their curriculum. Students increase their confidence when (daring to) communicate with international peers; listening, observing and interpreting; working together in international teams; build intercultural relationships and networks; and being involved in social issues at an international level. In addition, the project also contributes to the personal development of both the teachers and students involved in the areas of: self-confidence, creativity, curiosity, being open to other ideas and perspectives. Moreover, the programme aims to connect British schools and Dutch schools, and build long-lasting partnerships between school, teachers and students in the UK and the Netherlands. The suite of interdisciplinary classroom materials can be used in variety of classes, including English, Geography, Science, Citizenship and Biology. 

The British Council will provide the following as part of the programme:

- Recruitment of UK partner school
- Matching of Dutch and UK partner school
- Introductory 1-hour meeting with UK partner school
- Education pack with approx. 15 tailor-made interdisciplinary 1-hour lesson plans
- Two moderated 50-minute workshops
- Guest lecture by young climate campaigner
- Co-organisation and moderation of online closing event
- Ongoing support throughout the programme by email / phone

How to get involved

Please email Anna Devi Markus to find out more.