Grayson Perry - Erasmus Prize winner 2021

Chris McAndrew

British artist Grayson Perry is coming to the Netherlands in December 2021 to accept the prestigious Erasmus Prize for art, culture and science. This prize is presented each year by His Majesty the King during a ceremony at the Royal Palace Amsterdam. To mark this festive occasion, a programme of events is organised by the Erasmus Prize Foundation. The programme includes a theatre show, lectures, museum exhibitions at the Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht and Kunstmuseun Den Haag and more. Find out more about Grayson Perry and the Erasmus Prize.

Erasmus Prize 2021
The theme of the Erasmus Prize this year is ´The power of the image in the digital era’. At a time when we are constantly bombarded with images, Perry has developed a unique visual language, demonstrating that art belongs to everybody and should not be an elitist affair. Perry receives the prize for the insightful way he tackles questions of beauty and craftsmanship while addressing wider social and cultural issues. Find out more on the Erasmus Prize website.

Grayson Perry - Education Pack
Learn more about the work of artist Grayson Perry in the British Council Education Pack. The pack explores the tapestry series The Vanity of Small Differences through a number of different themes inspired by the work, offering ideas for educational projects and activities:

The tapestries provide rich inspiration for learning in a number of curriculum areas including art, English, geography and citizenship and for developing core skills. The activity suggestions are targeted primarily at pupils aged 7-14, although they could be adapted for older and younger pupils. Download the Education Pack

A show for normal people at Royal Theatre Carré
Grayson Perry's 'A show for normal people' is coming to Amsterdam on Monday 13 December. Find out more about this unique theatre experience on the Royal Theatre Carré website.