The Study Abroad Mentoring Programme is a new programme organised by the British Council, Nuffic and ECHO aimed at first generation students and students from communities of colour. Students interested in studying abroad are invited to join Mentor groups that are led by Mentors that have recently studied in the UK. Are you interested in becoming a Mentor? Find out more. 

Why should I become a Mentor? 

By becoming a Mentor, you will see many benefits to you and to others including:

  • You’ll find it enjoyable and be able to meet other people with similar interests. 
  • You will gain skills in active listening, reflecting people experiences, and in communication. 
  • It will be rewarding and insightful to support a community of people by sharing your experiences and learning from their challenges and views. 
  • Mentors work in pairs, so you’ll be able to reflect on the mentoring sessions and support each other.
  • There will be ongoing opportunities by being connected with the British Council.

What training is provided? 

Each trained Mentor, must take part in: 

  • A one-day in-person training which will include: 

- Training on hosting mentoring sessions 
- Creating a safe and supportive environment in group sessions 
- Managing expectations and how to raise concerns
- How to question and reflect people experiences to help them develop confidence 
- Safeguarding 

  • An in person panel session on ‘what did I learn from my time abroad’.
  • A one-hour in practice session on setting up their engagement session. 
  • A one-hour programme debrief. 

Can I become a Mentor? 

  • You have studied at a UK university, as an international student, for a minimum of one semester in the past five years.
  • You are currently based in the Netherlands. 
  • You are committed to sharing your experiences in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • You respect and value diversity and inclusion. 
  • You can commit a minimum of 20 hours over five months as well as attend a one-day in person training and the welcome event in Amsterdam. 

How do I become a Mentor? 

  • You will complete a short online application including a personal statement. 
  • You will upload a short video as part of the application. 
  • You will sign up to the code of conduct and relevant safeguarding policy statements. 

What is the timeline of the programme?

  • Registration closing date for Mentors: Sunday 26 November 2023
  • One-day in-person training for Mentors: February 2024
  • Welcome event with all Mentors and Students: March 2024
  • (Online) mentoring sessions: March - May 2024 
  • Closing session: June 2024

All Mentors will be provided with guidance on hosting a mentoring session and coaching skills. You will also have access to British Council support and guidance, should you have concerns or questions during your time as Mentor. 

How do I get involved?

Application for Mentors is now closed. The next round of applications will open September 2024.

For more information and questions, please contact Anna Devi Markus at the British Council.