Meet the 10 Finalists of FameLab 2021.

FameLab Finalists 2021

Kalpit Bakal

My name is Kalpit Bakal, an avid explorer of music. Currently, I am stuck with exploring post-rock music but still open to suggestions! I love to cook and I am self-learning to bake. I do all the above-mentioned things when I am not working on my PhD at the Microsystems section in TU/e.

Chan Botter

Chan has a background in Industrial Design but has put her studies aside to lead student team SOLID of the Technical University of Eindhoven for the academic year 2020-2021. SOLID develops a clean, circular fuel to enable energy-intensive industries to make the energy transition.

Alexandra Cloherty

Alexandra is a PhD candidate in the Autophagy-directed Immunity group at the Amsterdam UMC. Her research focuses on understanding the role of autophagy, the trash management system of cells, during viral infections - and on how to leverage that understanding to find new antiviral drugs. When she's not in the lab, Alex can be found writing her science communication blog, "Microbial Mondays", or exploring Europe by bike.

Mohammad Jouybar

My name is Mohammad Jouybar (Joey) and I am a PhD candidate in the Mechanical Engineering department at TU/e. I am working on the Cancer-on-Chip project, trying to mimic the cancer microenvironment on a tiny chip towards the better understanding of cancer microenvironment, and personalized medicine. After three years of working on chip technology during my MSc degree in Milan, I joined the Microsystems section of TU/e to further discover the human body at cellular level.

Rose Pinto

Ever thought about how the world is evolving around the menace of solid waste ranging from food waste to mismanaged plastics in the environment? This is the ground Rose Boahemaa Pinto, a Ghanaian PhD candidate in the Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group of WUR, hopes to add her quota to. She is passionate about Environmental Management and has her PhD project focusing on “Breaking the nexus of urban floods with plastics”. She finds it worth adding her efforts to waste management.

Job Saris

Job Saris obtained his medical degree in 2018 at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently pursuing a PhD project at the Tytgat Institute for Liver and Intestinal Research, an affiliated laboratory of the department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology of the Amsterdam UMC. He primarily focuses on the peritoneal immune system in patients suffering gastrointestinal diseases. Job is passionate about his work and aims to translate his findings back to the clinic and help the patients.

Malou van der Sluis

Malou is a PhD student at Wageningen University & Research, working on tracking the activity of individual meat chickens. With the resulting activity information she hopes to gain more insight into the health, welfare and performance of individual birds. Outside of work she likes to play volleyball or read thrillers and crime fiction. Occasionally, she also tracks her own activity when going for a run.

Vasileios Trikalitis

Vasileios has a BSc in Material Science from University of Patras, Greece, a MSc in Biomedical Engineering specialised in Tissue regeneration, and now conducts his PhD on 3D printing vascularised cardiac tissue, in the Vascularisation Lab of Jeroen Rouwkema in University of Twente. He also works as a product developer in IamFluidics B.V. and is a founder and director of the Authentia Foundation.

Sophie van der Vlugt

Sophie van der Vlugt is a Master student Molecular Life Sciences at Wageningen University. Her development into a synthetic biologist and virologist means diving into the depths of science and life itself. She thinks it is imperative to involve society and discuss these sometimes controversial subjects with a broad public. Her interests come together in the iGEM competition that she is participating in with 9 other students, to develop a biofilter to help solve the Dutch nitrogen crisis.

Ying Wang

Ying Wang started working as a PhD candidate in 2016. Her PhD was part of a Dutch Research Council (NWO) project, called 'BrainWave'. She conducted multidisciplinary research among clinical, neuroscience, and engineering fields for seizure detection in persons with epilepsy and freezing-of-gait detection in persons with Parkinson’s disease. Ying Wang continues her interests and research as an Assistant Professor at the Biomedical Signals and Systems group of the University of Twente.