FameLab Finalists 2015

Jeroen van Baar

After graduating from University College Utrecht, Jeroen van Baar studied cognitive neuroscience in Utrecht and Paris. He is currently a PhD student in decision neuroscience at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour in Nijmegen. In 2014 Jeroen published the book De prestatiegeneratie: een pleidooi voor middelmatigheid ("The achievement generation: on the merits of mediocrity"). He lives in Amsterdam and enjoys playing music, writing, reading and spending time with friends.

Ryan Bogaars

Ryan is currently finishing his Masters in Sustainable Process and Energy Technologies and working as a lecturer at the Applied University of Rotterdam. He will start a joined PhD between the University of Leiden and Delft on the subject of new solvents based on liquids found in nature. In his spare time Ryan likes to read classic novels. Homer, Dante and James Joyce are sources of inspiration for Ryan to make his work not only scientifically significant but also understandable and enjoyable.

Mirte Bosse

Mirte completed her Bachelors in Biology and Masters in Ecology at the VU University in Amsterdam. During her Masters she became interested in conservation genomics. The main goal of her current research at the Wageningen University is to investigate genomic variation within and between different populations of wild boars, domesticated pigs and closely related species. She is convinced that genomic tools will become of high importance for conservation efforts in the (near) future. 

Marcia Brandenburg-Goddard

Marcia obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology cum laude at Leiden University in 2012. During her master’s programme she started her doctoral research at the Department of Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies. Marcia’s current research is focused on brain mechanisms underlying social dysfunction in autism. Marcia spends her spare time riding quarter horses (western style, she fancies herself quite the cowgirl), salsa dancing, and singing (quite often off-key).

Jessie Eerens

Jessie is a 23-year-old Epidemiology and Public Health Masters student at Wageningen University. In March 2015, she moved to the UK for an internship at Imperial College in London. Jessie will graduate after completing her internship in London and hopes to stay in the UK to get more international experience.  

Joao Gouveia

Joao is originally from Portugal, he left at the age of 17 to study abroad in the USA, Wales and England where he studied Marine Biology and Biotechnology. His interest in smaller creatures became bigger taking him from monitoring phytoplankton in Ireland to doing a PhD at Wageningen UR. At AlgaePARC facilities he looks to understand the bioprocess for the cultivating microalgae that can produce interesting molecules. He also enjoys dance classes in instant composition and ultra-running.

Johan Mentink

Johan is a fascinated Physicist at Radboud University Nijmegen. His research focuses on the theory of ultrafast magnetism. In particular, he aims to understand how fast and how effective magnetism can be manipulated by using the electronic origin of magnetism itself, and how this can be used to meet the societal and economic demands for smaller, faster and more energy-efficient magnetic storage. He also loves listening to music, playing percussion and is a proud father of wonderful daughters.

Encarna Mico Amigo

Encarna a Spanish Biomedical Engineer from Valencia. Her enthusiasm for discovering new cultures drove her to study in Japan and Italy. Her passion for science has been the main motivation to land in the Netherlands, where she is currently doing a PhD at VU University Amsterdam. Ercarna studies the progression and preclinical parameters of neurodegenerative diseases with low-cost, light and small sensors. It contributes to clinical practice while creating substantial value for public health.

Michelle Spierings

Are humans unique from other animals? This question has captivated Michelle’s interest for years. She started studying biology to find answers. Michelle is working as a PhD student at Behavioural Biology at Leiden University where she is trying to unravel the evolution of language. Language might be one of the most unique aspects of humans, but by studying songbirds, Michelle sheds some light on this –maybe overstated– claim. She likes to spend her free time trekking to see birds in the wild. 

Matea Vlatković

Matea was born in Croatia, where she carried out her Bachelor and Master studies in Chemistry. After this she joined the Feringa lab in Groningen where she is currently pursuing her PhD in the studies of molecular motors. In her free time she enjoys dancing, traveling around the world and spreading the positive spirit of science. Her future dream job would be doing research projects related to everyday life with children and everyone who is a child at heart.