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Apeldoorn: British-Dutch Dialogue Conference

The Apeldoorn conference is a bi-lateral conference series between the UK and the Netherlands, which has become a forum where the most influential commentators, policymakers, politicians, business leaders, academics and civil society representatives from both sides of the North Sea come together to pool ideas, expertise and best practice, and create lasting relationships, alliances and networks.

Conferences alternate between the UK and the Netherlands and tackle a different contemporary theme each year. Futher information, (video) reports and conference programmes from past conferences are available on the conference pages. 

The 2016 Apeldoorn: British-Dutch Dialogue Conference will be held from Friday 18 November to Saturday 19 November 2016 at the Paushuize in Utrecht. The central conference theme is In Our Care: The Future of Long-Term Elderly Care in England and the Netherlands. 

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