Struan Campbell

My name is Struan Campbell, I am Head of Education at the British Council in the Netherlands. I started at the beginning of 2023. I have worked in Higher Education for several years in the UK and I am also on the board of a museum in the UK and have worked with a range of cultural organisations.

I am hoping that my experience will help me to build mutual relationships, that will benefit all four nations of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. I am really committed to the mission of the British Council and bringing people from all communities together around our shared values.

For me the connection to the Netherlands is very personal. This is why I am so excited by our work in the Netherlands. This year we will be creating more opportunities for those in education and the arts to learn from each other through our knowledge exchange events.

Later this year we will be launching a set of long-term programmes to support young people to think about studying abroad and to support leaders aged between 20 and 35 to share their experiences, across the North Sea, in tackling global challenges.

We will continue to work in schools through supporting teachers to build connections and to consider inclusion in their context.

I hope you will join us in building trusted and long-lasting relationships between the UK and NL that will build real opportunities for young people.