Refunds and transfer policy


1. Conditions of refunds

A refund of the examination fee is possible only under the following conditions:

1.1. if a refund request is submitted no later than 14 calendar days from the date you receive the Exam Application Summary and Payment Confirmation email as a consequence of the right of withdrawal established under the law, to which candidates registering online are entitled and which should be exercised in accordance to point 2.1.Such right of withdrawal expires after the mentioned 14 calendar days,

1.2. if a refund request is submitted before close of registration but after 14 working days from the date you receive the Exam Confirmation email,

1.3. if absence during the examination occurred on medical grounds or due to specific family circumstances. 

2. Required documents:

2.1. In the case of refunds described in points 1.1. and 1.2. you or the person/institution that submitted the fee on your behalf, should email the British Council exam centre by the stated deadline with a request for a refund including your name, date of birth, the exam you registered for (including date and location) and reference number.

2.2. In the case of absence described in point 1.3 you or the person/institution that submitted the fee on your behalf, should email a medical certificate to the British Council exam centre by the stated deadline. The medical certificate should indicate the dates when you were indisposed.

The British Council is aware of the fact that Dutch medical practitioners are not always allowed to give out a statement regarding a patient’s condition. These practitioners can provide the patient with a note explaining why Dutch law no longer allows them to share this information with third parties. In this case the refund request needs to be supported by a similar note which needs to include the name and signature of a recognised practitioner and the date on which the document was issued.

In the case of family circumstances the exam centre will also request a form of proof; more information will be provided on this as soon as the exam centre has received the e-mail with the refund request. Cambridge Assessment English will ultimately decide to approve or reject the withdrawal request; the British Council has no say in this.

2.3. The documents mentioned should be submitted to the British Council exam centre where you were registered for the exam not later than one week after the written test you were registered for. 

3. The amount and form of refund:

If you are entitled to a refund, the refunded money will be returned in the same way as you originally paid.

You or the person/institution that submitted the fee on your behalf is entitled to an entire or partial refund under the conditions stated below:

3.1. In the case described in point 1.1 a refund of 100% of the submitted fee.

3.2 In the case described in point 1.2 and 1.3 candidates receive a partial refund of the exam fee. An administration fee of €31.50 will be charged for all Cambridge Assessment English exams except for YLE Pre A1 Starters/A1 Movers/A2 Flyers, TKT, and BULATS.  

Refunds will be made within 14 days of the receipt of the full set of correctly completed documentation.

Please contact us if you cannot sit your exam.

Other relevant information

Test date transfer
Your registration is valid for one session only. It will not be possible to transfer the registration to another date, another type of exam or another venue (examination centre). Registrations are also personal and cannot be transferred to other individuals.