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These are courses you can start at any time, studying when you want. We offer three self-access courses:

Special Educational Needs

This course is aimed at teachers of English as a subject or teachers teaching through the medium of English working in mainstream learning contexts. It is suitable for both primary and secondary teachers and not just for SEN (Special Educational Needs) specialists.

This course will help to inform teachers about a range of special educational needs and how they affect teaching and learning. It will give teachers a set of teaching strategies which promote inclusive learning and benefit all pupils. Furthermore, it supports teachers in becoming more confident when dealing with learners with special educational needs.

The full course will take around 33 hours. The assessed portfolio tasks will take an additional 8 hours to complete, completing tasks on 8 of the units. You can start the training at any time once payment received as it is a self-access course. Download the registration form to register for Special Educational Needs.

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Learning Technologies for the Classroom

This is a teacher development course that introduces teachers of English to the main aspects of using new technologies in the language classroom. The course modules cover a range of web technologies, with topics including using the internet, cyber well-being for learners, using MS Office applications, using online video and audio, and using social networking and other web technologies for educational purposes.

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Steps to Success

If you are finishing your studies to be a teacher or you are in your first two years of teaching, this course will be of benefit to you. It will help you make the transition from student teacher to professional and put the theory that you have learned into practice.

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