After working for the British Council for 37 years, Reinoudt Kooijmans had his digital leaving party on 15 December 2020. Reinoudt started as an examiner all those years ago, following on as a sub centre manager for the last years. The team in the Netherlands organised a digital event, where Reinoudt unpacked his many gifts including a tin filled with personal notes and best wishes written by colleagues.

We also asked him a couple of questions before he left. For example, what is the best about British Council?

The best of the British Council for me is the colleagues and their relentless efforts to strive for highest quality of exams’ delivery.

What was the funniest thing you can remember during an exam day or anything notable during an exam day?

Reinoudt had some hilarious moments during the exams in the past 37 years. They are varying from having exams in a prehistoric dance school with mirrored walls, to candidates arriving at the exam venue on the wrong date.

What will you miss about your working life?

The thing I will miss after 1 January 2021 is the frequent interaction between colleagues, venue staff, examiners and school administrators.

What will you do moving forward?

As soon as the COVID-19 bug has gone, restrictions lifted and we can travel again, I will pack my bags and start visiting places and countries I have not seen so far.

We wish Reinoudt and his wife Emmy all the best for the future!

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