British Council and the GREAT campaign are proud to launch the first in a series of short films using Shakespeare's works as inspiration, showcasing the best of the UK's creative sector.

Released on 5 January, SBTV's 'Twelfth Night' sees 5 UK artists; Maverick Sabre, Nego True, NoLay, Eyez and Mic Righteous, produce new lyrics drawing inspiration from Shakespeare's play of the same name. Also featuring an original beat by producer Harry Love, and shot in The Globe's Sam Wanamaker theatre, the piece reworks Shakespeare for a modern audience.

“At SBTV, collaboration is so important; bringing artists together from different walks of life and challenging what is considered the norm. Shakespeare’s plays still to this day have such a cultural impact, in the language we use and in the films and entertainment we enjoy. That being said, it’s often harder for new generations to connect with all of the language. This being the case, to help bridge the gap and raise awareness to a whole new generation, we’ve brought together some of our favourite modern day poets to put a fresh spin on one of Shakespeare’s most iconic plays, Twelfth Night. Enjoy!” – Jamal Edwards

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