FameLab Netherlands is endorsed by leading figures in science and the media in the Netherlands. Find out why they think science communication and FameLab is important for you!

Beatrice Boots

Deputy Director, Platform Betatechniek

'We have to encourage young people to study science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to become scientists and engineers. By talking more about science in public, we make sure we give everybody an opportunity to get engaged in science!'

Professor Dr Hans Clevers

Professor of Molecular Genetics, Hubrecht Institute

British biologist L. Wolpert stated 'Science can be quite uncomfortable to live with. It offers no hope for an afterlife, it tolerates no magic and it doesn't tell us how to live.' 

Thus, one of the biggest challenges for science will always be acceptance by society at large.  It is necessary to explain repeatedly how science works and what it can – and cannot – accomplish. The importance of helping young scientists learn how to communicate their research effectively cannot be overestimated.

Professor Dr Louise Fresco

President, Executive Board of Wageningen UR

'Science is more and more becoming an integrated part of society. Communicating with society therefore is crucial for young scientists although the accompanying skill development has often been neglected. Famelab encourages PhD candidates accepting the challenge to improve their communication skills, to become a completely equipped 21th century scientist.'

Professor Dr Jeroen Geurts

Chair Young Academy KNAW, Professor Translational Neuroscience VU Medical Centre

'Communicating science makes better scientists.’

Professor Dr Gerard Meijer

Professor Dr Gerard Meijer

President of the Executive Board, Radboud University

'Communicating science in the right way to the wider public is as important as performing the scientific research itself.'

Professor Christine Mummery

Chair of Jury of the Dr A.H. Heineken Prize for Medicine, Chair Department of Anatomy & Embryology, Leiden UMC

‘The best we can do for science is to engage the public who support our research. What better way than to explain what we do, however complicated, through excellent communication by those with the talent to do it well.’

Paul Römer

Managing Director, NTR

‘I would recommend that every young student participate in FameLab. If you want to be a successful scientist, communication to the public and other interested parties is crucial. FameLab is a great way to test those skills.'

Professor Dr Elmer Sterken

Rector, University of Groningen

'FameLab is about the essentials, can you involve your audience without losing your scientific credibility? It's a must do for every researcher.’