What teachers say about us

Every year we work together with thousands of teachers to help their students obtain UK English language qualifications such as the Cambridge English exams.

Hear from teachers about their experience of registering exam candidates with us

“..we have always found the British Council extremely helpful and supportive. The registration process, but also the exam venue, facilities and their personal approach have been extremely pleasant. We would definitely recommend working with the British Council to other schools, preparing students for Cambridge or IELTS exams, as they make teachers' lives just this bit easier.”  Annemieke Duyvendak, senior teacher of English at Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer Gulden Kruis 5, Amsterdam

 “From our experience, collaborating with the British Council has guaranteed a very professional service. They are flexible and always try to accommodate us and our school’s needs. The administrative process is easy and smooth, with the staff supporting us and answering our questions each step of the way.” Guillaume Roux, L2 coordinator at European School of The Hague

“From the start, some 6 years ago, the British Council has allowed us to organise the exam at our own premises in Nijmegen or Arnhem, which is a great incentive for our students. […] They enable us to offer students who are good at English the opportunity to upgrade their CVs by adding a valuable C1 level business English certificate to their credentials.”  Peter ter Haar, teacher of English at HAN University of Applied Sciences Arnhem/Nijmegen

 “My colleagues and I hope to continue our Cambridge English programme for a long period of time as it motivates our pupils and it keeps us sharp as English teachers. Our working relationship with the British Council has been fruitful to us and we sincerely hope it will be for years to come. After all, we share a common goal, namely to enhance pupils’ English language skills which help them move forward in the world.” Mrs Drs Jessica Abcouwer, English teacher and head of the English department at Johan de Witt-Gymnasium, Dordrecht

 “..In my experience the British Council are a very professional organisation dealing efficiently with hundreds of Cambridge exams every year, yet with a personal approach. Always helpful and always looking for the best solutions for us, for our candidates.”  Ellen Keates, Cambridge English Coordinator Honours Programme and Cambridge English Coordinator at Talencentrum Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim

 “The whole experience of registering candidates for exams, the easily accessible regional venue for the exam in Eindhoven [..] and the well organised exam days have all contributed to my readiness to unhesitatingly and wholeheartedly recommend working with the British Council to anyone teaching Cambridge English.” Sheila MacLeod MA, Cambridge English teacher at Huygens Lyceum, Eindhoven