Policy Exchange: Inclusive internationalisation with British Council and Nufficlogos
Tuesday 05 March 2024 -
10:30 to 17:00
De Balie

Policy Exchange: Inclusive internationalisation: Supporting Students from First Generation Backgrounds to study abroad.

This one-day event is an opportunity for people to connect from across the education sector to discuss and take action on supporting students from non-traditional backgrounds to study abroad.


  • Date: Tuesday 5 March 2024
  • Time: 10:30 to 17:00
  • Location: De Balie in Amsterdam

The international competencies and experiences gained by these students prepare them better for an international career as well as working with international partners on global challenges such climate change and international conflicts.  We know that studying abroad can be an enriching experience that has lifelong impact personal and professional development, these opportunities should be open to all.

Studying abroad either as a full diploma or as part of a credit can be seen for those that can afford it or have the knowledge to navigate the different education systems. This might be because people’s social networks provide this capital. For students who face additional barriers or don’t have the same social capital, how do they gain or be supported to gain the confidence to take up opportunities abroad?

This one-day event will include UK speakers and speakers from the Netherlands providing case study examples of the action taken to overcome challenges, looking at the whole student journey and will be focused on the following themes:

  • Funding: This theme will focus on how funding, such as scholarships, can be used to support diversity and inclusion. The speakers will share insights on the criteria used, how to advertise funding opportunities and areas that still need to be developed:
  • Schemes: This theme will focus on how to design and develop inclusion schemes including how to ensure that the schemes fully support students’ needs, how to include students in the design process and what type of support is helpful to offer.
  • Measuring impact: This theme will focus on how you can use different tools to measure impact, what data points are helpful to collect and the importance of working with others to measure impact.

By taking part it will be an opportunity for further and higher education professionals to connect and to explore together how to overcome shared challenges. 
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