Find Your Eyes by Benji Reid
Sunday 01 October 2023 to Tuesday 03 October 2023
International Theater Amsterdam

Pioneer of hip hop theatre turned award-winning photographer, Benji Reid mixes Afro-futurist imagery with hard-hitting tales from his life and adventures in a unique show that unfolds before your very eyes. The show is part of the opening of Black Achievement Month.

Benji draws from the well of his life experiences – exploring vulnerability, tragedy and triumph through the photographers’ lens. 

Let him take you behind-the-scenes, on an emotional rollercoaster where conflict meets beauty and the stage becomes his studio. Watch as Benji opens up on some of the most moving episodes of his life, and uses them to inspire his art. 

This passionate piece draws on Benji’s work both as an award-winning photographer and pioneer of hip hop theatre – bringing dancers and photography into the fold to create images in real time in front of his audience. 

Journeying through highs and lows, Find Your Eyes explores how we make sense of the world through our stories and our art.

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