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In the Netherlands, IELTS tests are run on our behalf by the British Language Training Centre (BLTC).

To register online, simply follow the steps below. If you have any questions, please visit the BLTC website: or call at +31 (0)20 622 3634. 

1. Read the information for candidates

Download and read the Information for Candidates (PDF, 934 kb) which contains important information about the test format, the question types and the test results. Please note that IELTS is not recommended for candidates under the age of 16. 

2. Decide which version of the test is right for you

There are two versions of the IELTS test:

IELTS Academic: for those who want to study in universities, institutions of higher and further education and professional organisations. 

IELTS General Training: for those who are going to English-speaking countries to do secondary education, work experience or training programs.

Read our simple guide to help you decide which version of the test is right for you. It is strongly recommended that you also check with the organisations you wish to apply to before you book your test.

3. Check the IELTS test dates 

There are a limited number of places for all our IELTS test sessions. To make sure you get a place, we recommend that you register two months before your chosen test date. Of course, places may be available after this date. You can use our Online Registration System to find up-to-date information about test dates and availability.

Please note: Your Listening, Reading and Writing test will be completed on the same day. Your Speaking test may be offered on the same day, or up to a week before or after your main test day. You will receive notification in advance if your Speaking test is on a different day to your main test day.

4. Register online

Use our Online Registration System to book your place on the test.

The cost of sitting a test is €225.00 (2018).

5. After you register

After registering you will receive an automatic email with your access codes to the free online course: Road to IELTS.

  • You will recieve a confirmation email approximately ten days before the test date giving you the start time of your test and the venue address

Refunds and transfers

If you need to cancel your test or transfer to another test date, please contact the British Language Training Centre.

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