Article1: General information

  • These Terms and Conditions (after this called: “T&Cs”) are applicable to the IELTS Coach promotion of the British Council Netherlands (after this called: the “Promotion”) that the British Council Netherlands, with the Dutch office in Amsterdam (after this called: British Council Netherlands) organises from 4 October till 29 October 2021 inclusive (after this called the “Promotional period”)
  • By participating in the promotion, participants agree with the T&Cs of the promotion.
  • The British Council Netherlands reserves the right at all times to terminate, suspend or change the Promotion, unilaterally and without prior notice and / or to change the Promotion Terms and / or the promotional products / prices if circumstances so require, without way of compensation for the participants.
  • Questions and / or complaints regarding this Promotion can be sent by e-mail to

Article 2: Participation

  • Participation to this promotion is open to all who live in the Netherlands at the time of this promotion. If you are below the age of eighteen (18) years of age, please obtain the permission of your parent or guardian before participating in this promotion.
  • Winners will participate, with reasonable requests from the British Council Netherlands, to promotional activities related to the Promotion, including publicity activities related to an award ceremony, via all media such as radio, television and the Internet.
  • Participants must respect the articles below.

Article 3: promotional mechanic

The promotion works as follows:

For a limited time only (from 4 October 2021 till 29 October 2021 inclusive) when you book an IELTS test, to take place from November 2021 onwards, you can enter our draw for a chance to win one of five IELTS Coach preparation courses. During the promotional period, register for an IELTS exam with our partner the BLTC and sign up for the promotion via this webform. You will then enter the draw to win one (1) of five (5) IELTS Coach Express preparation courses, equivalent to € 58 per express course. Please ensure you leave sufficient time from the end of the promotional period (29 October 2021) to your actual exam date to prepare for your IELTS test when entering this win promotion.

Article 4: Prices / promotional products

1. The prize consists of

Five (5) IELTS Coach Express preparation courses 

2. The prizes cannot be exchanged for money or for another prize.

3. The prize winners will be notified by email –  Week commencing 1 November 2021. Without response during two (2) months, it shall be considered that the winner waive the prize.

Article 5: Data use

1. Participants must provide correct and complete information (name and e-mail address) as a condition for their participation. Incorrect or incomplete submissions will not be processed.

2. The British Council Netherlands treat all personal data it obtains in the framework of this Promotion confidentially and in accordance with the requirements of the Dutch GDPR Implementation Act 2018.

3. By participating in the Promotion, the participant gives the British Council Netherlands permission to use his/her personal data for communication in the context of the Promotion, such as informing the prize winners.

Article 6: Liability

1. The British Council Netherlands, the auxiliary persons it engages and / or third parties are not liable for any damage resulting from or in any other way related to the Promotion and / or the promotional products / prizes made available by the British Council Netherlands.

2. Despite the utmost care that the British Council Netherlands spends on the management of its website (s) and the organization of the Promotion, it is possible that the information provided and / or displayed is incomplete or incorrect. Print- or spelling errors or other comparable errors in POS material made available by the British Council Netherlands, of whatever nature, the British Council Netherlands cannot be invoked against and can in no way create an obligation for the British Council Netherlands.

Article 7: Final determination

The participant will not multiply or publish these Promotional Terms and Conditions or parts thereof without the explicit prior consent of the British Council Netherlands.

Article 8: Miscellaneous

1. Dutch law applies to these T&Cs.

2. The British Council Netherlands will act in accordance with the "Code of Conduct for promotional games of chance", which entered into force on 1 January 2006.

Drawn up in Amsterdam, October 2021