What is Aptis

Aptis is a modern and flexible English language proficiency test designed to meet the diverse needs of organisations and individuals around the world.

  • It provides reliable, accurate results about the English skills in your organisation. As a result, you can make better decisions about recruitment, workforce development and training needs.
  • Aptis is flexible and accessible so you can assess people quickly and affordably.
  • It also allows you to accurately test the skills relevant to your requirements and get results fast.


You can choose whether to test all skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) or just the ones most appropriate for your organisation.

For example, if you are an HR manager in charge of recruitment for front office staff your priority might be to assess English speaking and writing ability. However, if you are looking to assess the all-round language skills of your teachers then you would need all four skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

We can advise on the most suitable way to use Aptis for you.

Whether your testing requirement is for recruitment, workforce development or training, Aptis is the forward thinking English testing you’ve been waiting for.

Aptis variants

You can customise the tests to be specific to your industry making the results relevant, reliable and accurate for your needs.

Aptis General

Aptis General is the foundational assessment test. This can be customised to your business or organisational needs, for example to cover specific industries (e.g. business, travel, tourism) as well as the skills you want to test.

Aptis Advanced

Aptis Advanced is a variant of Aptis General. It has been designed specifically to test candidates at higher levels of English. It is used by candidates and institutions at levels: C1-C2.

Find out more information about Aptis Advanced.

Aptis for Teachers

Aptis for Teachers is designed specifically for those working in education to help raise the teaching quality in your organisation.

Find out more information about Aptis for Teachers.

Aptis for Teens

Aptis for Teens is a general English language test aimed at 13-17 year olds. It has been designed to meet the needs of young language learners in developing their English language skills.

Find out more information about Aptis for Teens.

Aptis for Corporates

Aptis for Corporates aims to help companies assess the English language proficiency of their staff, regardless of their experience, skills or computer literacy levels. Businesses can make informed decisions on assessment, recruitment and workforce development by putting the English language proficiency of their employees to the test.

Find out more information about Aptis for Corporates.

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